Model Train Layout Plans

Model Train Layout PlansDesigning and dreaming up a train layout is much more fun than actually building one for many model railroaders. Model train layout plans can be mapped out on either the computer or paper. It is exciting to develop an empire right at home. Creating a model train layout plan is an artistic masterpiece of its owner. This is also a great activity during a model train or Lionel train repair phase. Model railroading is considered an intricate hobby which incorporates discipline, carpentry, mechanical and civil engineering, sound and lighting, wiring and circuitry, painting and airbrushing.

Things To Consider When Designing Model Train Layout Plans

The Setting

Decide on the exact kind of track plan and layout that is required. The model can be based depending on preferences – such as the elevated line in Chicago or the old west train. The setting is what will determine the type of track plan which will be created. If the type of plan is an industrial setting, it will need a turntable along with a roundhouse, a yard and a passenger line – as well as straight ways, bridges and rolling hills.

The Physical Space

Determine the physical space available for the layout and draw an outline of a scale for the bench work. This can be done on paper or created as a program. The model train layout plans for the track must be designed according to these parameters.

The Diversions And Curves

Draw up the track plan using track pieces stored away in the program or using scale templates – to make certain that the switch track diversions and accurate curves are in place.

Take a print of the full scaled version of model train layout plans and place it over the bench work. Some builders keep this paper and build while looking over it – while others remove each part as they go.

Watch the video below for an amazing model train layout

Ideas On Making Model Train Layout Plans

When designing and creating a model train, imagination is key as it can maximize even the smallest spaces. Following are several train layout ideas:


The prototype layout attempts at recreating part of the real railroad, often based on a specific era. It is necessary that research is conducted on the particular railroad. For instance isĀ  visiting that section of the railroad. It would be worthwhile making a trip to the museum close by.


For model train enthusiasts, the freelance method allows the use of creativity. A realistic scene from days gone by can be recreated or an original design can be invented with unique names given for individual train cars, railroads and fictional towns.


This train layout is ideal for warmer climates as it can be built outdoors. The track is surrounded by vegetation, landscape and other lad features to create a sense of reality. There is no limitation to the size of the layout – as it is built outdoors.


It is possible to design model train layout plans like a train track which runs through several rooms in the house rather than conforming it to one particular room. As long as this plan is feasible, create tunnels in walls by making holes and decorate each room based on a theme similar to the train making its stops while on a long journey. For instance, you can simulate little villages in each room.

Once you have your plans ready make sure your model trains run smoothly. For any help here check out our Lionel train repair page.

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