Lionel Train Repair

lionel train repair guideLionel Train Repair – If you are a Lionel train collector and enthusiast, then you probably already know how to do the right Lionel train repair. Of course, you would want to preserve your trains same as how you bought them brand new. It would be much enjoyable to have your Lionel trains to operate with high quality. Once you are able to maintain and take care of your trains even through time, you are definitely getting yourself a good investment – and a good price if you are planning to eventually trade them. It is important for you to know how to fix and preserve them at their best. Perseverance is greatly required to get those Lionel trains back on its tracks, while being elbow deep in grease. But this is an accomplishment which can be shared with children and grandchildren.

Here are a few useful Lionel train repair tips to guide you further:

Lionel Train Track Repair

Check every piece of track for oxidation and rust. If there is oxide, it will look crusty white or greenish color. Put together your oxidation remover and pace your oxidized pieces of tracks in it. Allow it to remain for several minutes and then remove it. Use a towel to wipe off solution from the tracks. If necessary use rust remover on tracks – which have got rusted. Do remember to follow instructions on how to properly use the product.

Put all pieces of tracks back together and check if there are pieces that don’t fit in tightly. It may mean that the connection areas are slightly bent. To fix this, carefully bend the connectors using pliers, towards the middle of the track and put the pieces back together. This specific Lionel train repair needs to be done until there is a snug fit between all track pieces. Place a little oil on the back of a towel and rub down the track pieces with it. Then, use a clean part of this towel and polish the track gently. With this, a slick surface for the train is created to ride on.

Lionel Train Transformer Maintenance

You also need to know how to do Lionel train repair on its transformer. Simply plug the transformer into any outlet and then switch it on. Listen if there is a sound emanating. If the train is not moving, then this means that the problem lies in the connection of the train track. Disconnect the transformer from the track and plug outlet. Wait for a few hours until the charge built up dissipates from the transformer. Dismantle the transformer using a screwdriver. Don’t forget to make sure that the screws are kept in a safe place and make certain that these don’t get lost.

Check again for disconnected, broken, frayed and oxidized wires which are the common reasons for not holding the tracks in place. If there are such problems, replace these wires. Use a soldering gun to clean out wires – which have extra solder. Wires may be required to be rotated while cleaning out contact points.

Lionel Train Cars Repair

Choose ample light and put together all tools then, place a towel before starting on train car repairs. The train car body needs to be removed so you can see its inner workings. Use a magnifying glass to look at the insides of the car for rust, disconnected parts and clumping oil. If there are bent parts, replace them. Place oil on a toothpick and apply it on joined parts. Put the train car pieces back together and it is now ready to be used. That’s how simple doing a Lionel train repair is – I’m sure you can do it yourself!

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