Lionel Polar Express Train Set

Lionel polar express train setWhy You Should Get Yourself A Lionel Polar Express Train Set

The Lionel Polar Express train set is expected to sell out fast this holiday season.

The Lionel Polar Express Train Set is based on an enchanting children’s story book which brings back some magic to life. This is a story about a boy who takes a train ride to the North Pole. There he meets Santa Claus and receives a bell. This story has a wonderful message for both children and adults – and you shouldn’t miss grabbing one for yourself. It will surely be a good item to add up to your collection of Lionel trains.

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Feed On Your Lionel Train Enthusiasm

The Lionel polar express train set is a classic train collector item and a must-have for any holiday season. This is a durable train set with excellent life-like features. The Lionel Polar Express Train Set will give kids a lasting Christmas memory. The Lionel Polar Express Train Set will bring about fun and magic long after the holidays are gone as long as you keep it in shape with the proper Lionel train repair.

The pieces of the Lionel Polar Express Train Set can easily be assembled, from train cars smooth linking up to the setting up of each track. Many of the parts are quite heavy – including a transformer that is very impressive that powers the train. The train is powered to go smoothly along the track. Also, the track is built at 40 inches wide and 60 inches long, but this can be extended if required by buying more track pieces from Lionel.

Kids may take some time to actually begin driving the train – most especially if they are electric train beginners, but will soon catch on quickly. There is a sense of old fashioned quality to the Lionel Polar Express Train Set – as it is well crafted and designed with working headlights, interior lighting and well crafted parts.

There are tiny figurines placed atop the train cars – which provide good entertainment. These articulated figures have turning heads, bendable wrists, move-able arms and joint knees. They can be placed or posed in several areas such as passenger cars. Additional figures can also be purchased including a disappearing hobo car. For younger kids, it is better to be cautious, as these figurines are rather small and can become a choking hazard. The larger scale battery operated trains include a bell and a whistle and is designed for children ages four and up.

Enjoy The Great Features And Functions Of The Lionel Polar Express Train Set

There is 1 coal tender, 1 die-cast steam engine, 2 coach passenger cars, 1 observation car, 1CW-80 transformer, 4 articulated movie figurines, 1 bottle smoke fluid, Santa’s bell, oval track 40’x60’ (includes 8 curved parts, 1 power terminal, 3 straight parts) along with an instruction book.

Polar Express Model Train Set Specifications

Its batteries are ready to use. These trains can be run using the conventional C batteries (which are included in your box) or a rechargeable battery of 9.6 volt. Trains on a larger scale are operated using two AA batteries. While batteries may not last too long, the better option to use would be rechargeable batteries.

The Lionel Polar Express Train Set is a beautiful train set to watch in action with its air whistle, puffing smoke stack and operational lights. Also, you can take advantage of its transformer controlled forward, reverse and neutral operation. With its locomotive body and frame made with die-cast metal plus passenger cars that feature silhouettes in windows and interior lighting – you’ll surely enjoy the feel of operating the Lionel Polar Express train set like it’s real!

To make sure your Polar Express train keep running smoothly check out our Lionel Train repair page.

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